How i create a resume?

1- Create a candidate account:

May be an image of text that says '"scout Sign Up Explore Your Name LOGI Keyword Display name REGISTER our email Email in Iraq Register Here Your Password Baghdad Password Type the password again SearchNow Repeat password Select your role as candidate -Select- Al-Hamdaniya Sinjar Create Joh Alert Complete the security tes Basrah I'mnotarobot Dohuk reCAPTCHA Contactus TOS Privacy Policy Status FraudStatment (21) (19) Mark the box agree with the Terms QJScout2020© use OXFAM Sign Up'


2- Verify your email and click on my profile:

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3- Fill the required details:

May be an image of text that says 'Select a picture 160x60 "scout Profile Image HOME LOCATIONS Browse PROFESSIONAL POST RESUME size: 160x160px Confirm your name Full Name Introduce Yoursel Optional) John JohnDoe John Paragraph Visual Text Birthday Birthday Phone lumber Complete the box according your profiles Facebook httpal Twitter Write Something About Yourself http:l Linkedin http:l Behance http:// Instagram ttp:ll Save Profile'


4- Click on post resume button:

May be an image of text that says '"scout HOME Resumes LOCATIONS Applications Alerts PROFESSIONAL CV Block Companies Bookmarked POST A RESUME Manage Follow My Profile John Doe Sign Out Follow Your profile Job Suggest pdated successfully Change Profile Profile Image Browse Recommend size: 160x160px Introduce Yourself (Optional) Paragraph Visual Text'


5- Fill the required details:

May be an image of text that says '"scout HOME Give a title to your resume LOCATIONS General Information PROFESSIONAL.C Resume itle* POST John Select your location Select the category Location Upload your Attachment Location Category* Confirm your address Select Category Address Maximum Upload Your CV (Optional) Confirm your languages Professional ummary Region, Locality, Street, Philadelphia, Language Confirm Paragraph degree Visual HighestDegree Level Confirm the total years of experience Confirm your Job evel Total Years Experience* Expected ob Level Your website (optional) Your Linkedin Profile (recommended Website http:// Linkedin Writeaprofessional a professional summary'



May be an image of text that says '"scout Education HOME LOCATIONS PROFESSIONALCV POST RESUME John Qualification(s) Your school name Qualification Normaltext Year Underline Small Education summary WorkExperience Education Add extra field Delete required Add company employe Your ob title Italic underline Years your worked in this position and company Position Summary AddExperience Add extra field required Delete'

May be an image of text that says '"scout Summary of HOME LOCATIONS PROFESSIONAL V Windows POST RESUME JohnDo Excel Delete Awards You can use field for each skill use numbers from to 100 measure your skills by 100% +AddSkill Awards Delete talic Content Underling Small Add your Award obsCmpe omplete Awards any Delete CompletedName Number Delete Add accomplished jobs'